Digital Tidal Atlas
Please read & understand the methodology of how the tidal current information is derived.
The tidal current information for the selected area is a simulated current only.
The model bathymetry is generated based on the seabed information in navigational charts and sounding data.
The model is calibrated and validated based on the measured current during a joint survey carried out in 1978 by four countries. The model was further customized and developed for the selected area. The customized model was further validated using a recent Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler ("ADCP") transect. Any inaccuracy in the measured current may affect the accuracy of the simulated current.
The non-tidal current caused by surface wind, temperature and atmospheric pressure included in the simulation is a yearly average value. The actual non-tidal current may vary according to these conditions.
The current conditions in the selected area are inherently complex and other factors may affect the accuracy of the simulation.